About "In a Nutshell"

In a Nutshell is a place for you to relax, get just a bit educated, and sample a variety of interesting topics - some that you might not even have known were so interesting before you got here!

nut•shell (ntshl) n. The shell enclosing the meat of a nut

Our Nutshells are the pages of this site… the pages are the shells, and the nutritious morsels of information on each page are the nuts.

Idiom: in a nutshell - In a few words; concisely: "Just give me the facts in a nutshell."

So that's what we do: It may not be "just a few words" every time, but it certainly will be the important stuff, presented in a way that makes you go "Aha - so that's what thing this is about!" And that is what differentiates us from Wikipedia. (Ya ever try to read that thing?? Look up some seemingly simple topic and I almost guarantee you that you will get lost after one paragraph. Disclaimer: I still use it a lot.) And from a very large portion of the other sources of information on the 'net.

Sometimes we may get into a bit more of a subject than just a nutshell; those are our "More Than a Nutshell" pages. But we promise never to speak to you as though you are a graduate student in the subject (take that, Wikipedia!).

Moreover, we won't talk down to you. People come to this site with all levels of experience in the subjects we talk about, so we can't promise that every Nutshell will contain just the information that any given person needs at the moment. But we always assume that you will be able to learn something new, interesting, and valuable about a subject. You may think that the subject of quantum theory will be impossible for you to understand, but we don't think that: you can learn something that's fascinating and important about quantum theory, and we will do our best to present it to you (if and when we do a Nutshell on it) so that you can.

Photography. Abstract algebra. Internet marketing. Origami. Birds. Trauma-sensitive schools. How to perform a feasibility study. You name it - and please do! Maybe we can write it; and if not us, maybe we can find someone else to write it and, if needed, use a bit of our awesome writing and teaching skills to Nutshellize it.

About me: I am your guide, the Pistachio. (You can call me Rich, too.)


It just so happens that I have a PhD in Engineering. Please don't hold that against me. :-) I also have a bunch of years of experience in government, industry, and consulting, and a really wide range of personal interests and hobbies (though not all at once). But that's why I'm so psyched about In a Nutshell, because it lets me share my interests with you, and it gives me an opportunity to learn more interesting things to present to you.

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In a Nutshell also contains affiliate links, which are links to products for which I collect a commission on sales, and product offerings. In addition to creating this website as a labor of love, it is also a means of earning money for me. I do want to make it clear, though, that I do not put affiliate links or products on this site that I know or believe to be of poor quality, unethical in some way, or in any way not worth their price.

On the contrary, I choose those products because I know or believe that they are of high quality: I want people who purchase anything as a result of this site to be very pleased with what they get. It stinks to get sold low quality material, whether it's a book, ebook, camera, or other physical product. I will not do to you what I would not want done to myself. Besides, an unhappy visitor is unlikely to be a repeat visitor, and I love having you visit In a Nutshell!

You will also find book and product reviews. The opinions I express in those reviews are my own, honest opinions, and when I state facts (such as "product X did Y for me") it's because I have used the product and it really did perform for me the way I describe. Sometimes I will describe performance reported to me by people whom I trust to be telling the truth - in those cases I will always disclose that it was not me who actually used the product. In a nutshell (notice how I worked that in?), I never accept money to make a product endorsement. However, in the interest of full disclosure, if you do buy the product from a link on this website I will make money from your purchase.

Welcome again to In a Nutshell - from the Pistachio. Off to the Categories with you now!