Write A Nutshell

If you are interested in tossing in a nutshell or two, send me an email at zib.sllehstun|oihcatsip#zib.sllehstun|oihcatsip. Let me know what you plan to write about, and please don't send me any draft material until I request it.

I don't want to see your work without my requesting it because I may already be planning or have started on a similar Nutshell…this way, we both avoid the possibility of inadvertent copyright violations. Although I don't believe in using anyone else's work without acknowledgement, by sending me any material before I acknowledge that I'm not already working on it by requesting it from you, you forfeit all claim on anything I publish on that subject.

That said, if your work does appear on this site after I have requested it from you, you will be acknowledged by a paragraph at the bottom of the page. You may have a photo and a link to your website, if any, with your acknowledgement.

Please be sure to read a number of nutshells on this site before writing or submitting a nutshell to me! Although I haven't yet stated guidelines on their content, format, style, etc., I do want to ensure that there is a recognizable and consistent flavor and feel about all of the nutshells. (As soon as I have time I'll write up guidelines, which I will send to folks who are interested in writing nutshells.)

If you want to embed affiliate links or other means of monetizing, my policy is that we share evenly any revenue originating from this site and, most importantly, that I approve that the product being sold meets the standards of this site.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!